Trimarc security solutions improve enterprise security

Protect your organization with Trimarc's research, knowledge, and experience to Detect, Mitigate, and Prevent attacks. Our focus on layered defense deflects and contains modern attack methods.

Modern Active Directory environments are typically not aligned to best protect the enterprise from the current threats. The attack vectors that were theoretical years ago are now practical. Additionally, one of the biggest vulnerabilities that most enterprises have is the legacy administration and management of the enterprise. Many organizations are still using group membership in Domain Admins to grant Active Directory administrative rights for admins and service accounts. There are a number of methods used to escalate attacker permissions once they gain a foothold and have malicious code running on one or more computers inside the perimeter. In order to properly protect modern networks a new focus on admin credential protection and management is required.

Trimarc provides a variety of security solutions customized to meet each organization's specific security needs and concerns.
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Trimarc's research and approach enables organizations to better Detect known and unknown threats.

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Trimarc's approach Mitigates modern threats by identifying common attack pathways and configuring effective barriers.

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Trimarc's approach Prevents attacks from compromising the enterprise by isolating critical credentials and resources.

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