Trimarc: From Trimarcisia, “feat of three horsemen,” was an ancient Celtic military cavalry tactic where there was always a rider ready to mount the horse of a fallen soldier.

Trimarc Security, LLC (Trimarc) focuses on continuously developing defensive strategies to combat evolving attack techniques. Our primary approach is “defense in depth” which focuses on defensive layers within the enterprise – while any single defense may fail, there are others that compensate for this and provide additional detection and/or mitigation for that area.

Our mission is to identify ways to better protect organizations from modern threats not effectively stopped by traditional security measures.

Our goal is to keep our customers off the front page of the paper.

We believe that effective defense is based on an approach involving three primary components: Detection, Mitigation, and Prevention.

Trimarc provides leading expertise in security solutions including strategy, architecture, tactical implementations, and long-term maintenance. In addition, Trimarc performs renowned security research that has helped drive the implementation of effective protection measures for organizations reliant on Microsoft technologies.

Our Team:

Sean Metcalf is a Microsoft MVP and a Microsoft Certified Master (MCM) / Microsoft Certified Solutions Master (MCSM) in Directory Services (Active Directory Windows Server 2008 R2) which is an elite group of Active Directory experts (only about 100 worldwide).

Sean works with several customers providing Active Directory and Microsoft enterprise security expertise. He also performs Active Directory security assessments identifying security configuration issues typically leveraged by attackers to compromise the enterprise.

Sean performs security research focused on the Microsoft platform and has identified interesting Kerberos behavior as well as other unique research. He has spoken on Active Directory attack & defense at BSides Charm (Baltimore), BSides DC, Shakacon, Black Hat, DEF CON, and DerbyCon security conferences.

Sean also runs ADSecurity.org, a Microsoft-focused enterprise security blog focused on explaining how current attacks work and how to detect, mitigate, and prevent them.

In the Press:

Our expertise includes the following:

  • Active Directory security.
  • Microsoft Exchange design and security configuration.
  • VMWare design and security configuration.
  • Microsoft Windows security.

Trimarc provides a variety of security solutions customized to meet each organization’s specific security needs and concerns. Please Contact Us for more information on how we can help you!