Our Team

Active Directory is the identity, management, and directory service in use by ~95% of the Fortune 1000 and Trimarc provides companies the critical information needed to best secure their Active Directory environment.

From Active Directory to Microsoft Exchange to VMWare, Trimarc has the knowledge and expertise to improve your security posture. Our focus on the systems that enable today’s business positions us to assess and improve enterprise security.

Trimarc’s technical expertise group is headed by our Chief Technology Officer, Sean Metcalf.
Sean is one of about 100 Microsoft Certified Master (MCM) in Directory Services in the world. He runs ADSecurity.org, a Microsoft-focused enterprise security blog focused on explaining how current attacks work and how to detect, mitigate, and prevent them. He performs security research focused on the Microsoft platform and has identified interesting Kerberos behavior as well as other unique research.

Sean Metcalf has spoken on Active Directory attack & defense at the following security conferences:

In the Press:


  • Active Directory security

  • Microsoft Exchange design and security configuration

  • VMWare design and security configuration

  • Microsoft Windows security

Trimarc provides a variety of security solutions customized to meet each organization’s specific security needs and concerns. Please Contact Us for more information on how we can help you!